Does Your Criminal Record Clear After 7 Years?

clear criminal record

A criminal record could clear after 7 years depending on the nature of the crime. However, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) makes it possible for felony arrests to be reported and documented on background checks for seven years after the felon has been released from prison.

There is nothing but downward consequences when it comes to retaining a criminal history; until now.

A new law has been passing in several counties throughout the United States allowing past misdemeanors and certain felonies to be expunged or restricted from criminal histories.

In the rest of this article, you’ll learn basics and conditions surrounding criminal records and how to clear records after 7 years.

Stipulations for Criminal Expungement

Various conditions and terms are at play when it comes to deleting criminal records. This is because certain crimes are not eligible for expungement. Also, criminal expungement regulations differ between jurisdictions.

Here is a list of eligibility terms and necessary conditions for restricting misdemeanors and felonies from potential employers, landlords, and more.

To Expunge Arrest Records:

  • Must Be At Least One Year Since Date of Conviction
  • No Conviction Was Found
  • Must Not Have Any Pending or Further Charges

To Expunge Misdemeanors:

  • Must Be At Least 5 Years Since the Date of Conviction
  • Must Have a Current and Good-Standing Driver’s’ License
  • Cannot Have Any Current or Further Charges
  • Must Have All Probation Conditions Completed
  • All Court Requirements and Fines are Paid in Full
  • Cannot Have Any Convictions or Charges in the Past 5 Years

To Expunge Class D Felonies:

  • Must Be At Least 8 Years Since the Date of Conviction
  • Must Have a Current and Good-Standing Drivers’ License
  • Cannot Have Any Current or Further Charges
  • Must Have All Probation Conditions Completed
  • All Court Requirements and Fines are Paid in Full
  • Cannot Have Any Convictions or Charges in the Past 8 Years

Examples of Class D Felonies:

  • Theft
  • Drug Possession
  • OWI/DUI with Priors
  • Fraud
  • Intimidation
  • Not All Felonies Can Be Expunged

Felonies Not Eligible for Expungement:

  • Homicide
  • Murder
  • Sex Crimes
  • Human Trafficking
  • Perjury


It’s helpful to contact your local law enforcement agency or courthouse to determine your district’s particular expungement conditions.

Once you have done this, you can continue researching the laws and guidelines behind criminal expungement.

The best way to learn more about the new law and how it applies in your county, call an attorney for accurate and fast information.

Once you clear your criminal history, you can freely apply to a job that would have otherwise performed a background check, rent an apartment, and feel a long-deserved sense of relief regarding the mistakes you made in your youth or past.

Knowledge to keep in mind

Whether facing criminal charges or trying to help someone else, it’s crucial to know more about what these charges entail in Rhode Island, among other areas of the United States.

Rhode Island is but a small portion of what makes up the U.S. and rests on the northeast coast. Charges there are much like they are in other states.

Specifics will vary based on the state and case, but knowing the basics can help anyone learn more and prepare for the charges brought against them.

Some of the critical points follow, and criminal defense in Rhode Island can help anyone by assisting with the case and navigating them through the process.

Individual Rights

No matter the crime one is accused of committing, they have legal rights they should be aware of.

Protect constitutional rights by knowing what they are, and then entrust Rhode Island criminal defense lawyers to help.

Some of the basic rights are:

Miranda rights – Should be read upon arrest by the officer

5th/6th Amendments: The right to an attorney

6th Amendment: The right to a speedy trial

4th Amendment: Protection from illegal search and seizure

5th Amendment: The right of a defendant and to refuse to question

Double Jeopardy – keeps one from being tried for the same crime twice

8th Amendment: Protection from cruel and unusual punishment

Things can be researched such as the validity of search warrants, unwarranted arrests; and the attorney can be present during questioning to be sure their defense isn’t pressured into guilt. This plays into why criminal defense in Rhode Island is so important.

The Differences Between Felony and Misdemeanor

Crimes are typically classified as infractions, misdemeanors or felonies. The difference is in the penalties associated.

i). Infraction: typically no jail time, but usually a fine. This is the lesser of the three criminal charges.

ii). Misdemeanor: Time in county jail is possible. This charge is lesser than a felony. Typical misdemeanors could be a DUI, possession of small amounts of marijuana and shoplifting.

They have a limit of either six months or 12 months.

iii). Felony: The most serious, and punishable by imprisonment on the state or federal level. Years or a lifetime in jail is possible and even the death penalty. Common crimes include manslaughter, assault, rape, and drug trafficking.

A Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer may be able to sway the courts in the case of a “wobbler.”

A wobbler is a charge that could be a misdemeanor or a felony. This can make all the difference.

Stages of a Criminal Case

Any defendant can benefit from knowing the stages of a criminal case. It begins with arrest and ends with the verdict but much happens in the interim.

Depending on the charges and how severe they are, as well as the state are just some of the factors that contribute to the overall process.

  • Arrest
  • Detainment
  • Possible Bail Posted
  • Arraignment
  • Plea Bargain
  • Pre-Trial and Trial
  • Sentencing
  • Appeal

Clear a Criminal Record

After conviction takes place and the accused has served a sentence handed to them, an expungement is an option. This will clear the individual of their criminal record.

Finding legal counsel from Rhode Island, criminal defense lawyers should be done early on. It’s the best way to protect your legal rights and avoid criminal charges.

Felony life

Given the economy, we live in today, and the number of people looking for an occupation, the greater part of which are qualified to attempt the available assignments, having a criminal record isn’t something that can help you find a new line of work quicker.

Even though submitting a felony is simple, especially when you are youthful, disposing of that record may end up being a lot harder than you might suspect.

When you have paid your obligation towards the framework, you may believe that all your problems are finished.

To the extent your legal problems are concerned, you don’t need to stress because your criminal record will be in the correct shape you left it. In any case, is this something you should not represent?

Is any felony something you have to disregard on the off chance that you don’t need to respond in due order regarding it anymore?

The problem with a criminal record is that it can return and cause a lot of trouble when you least expect it and it can choose how your life will turn out sooner or later.

The period since you submitted a felony until you have paid your obligation to society is a period when lots of sites buy your public record and offer it online with all the intrigued clients.

When your criminal foundation hits the web, there is the little possibility you can take it back without the best possible help.

When I state appropriate help, I mean people that devoted their exercises to helping others erase records of any felony they may have in the file.

Try not to feel this is a route through which anything you did at some random time is the equivalent. There are a few rules that they need to maintain, yet you can clear your file even of a sentenced felony if enough time has passed and you are eligible.

With regards to employment, this is something difficult to accomplish.

At the point when an employer is looking to contract somebody for a particular occupation, the majority of the occasions they do proper verifications, and if the employment felony on your record is something they represent, you probably won’t be selected.

There are numerous circumstances when landlords can do record verifications and check whether you are somebody they need in their building.

In case you experience old issues with the law equivalent to the employment felony referenced in advance of, it is their legal right not to offer you facilities.

There is an exit from this in any case.

If you have to realize how to clear your record of any employment felony and you require somebody to deal with everything as quick as could be expected under the circumstances, at that point you should consider visiting the site

They can offer the solution to clear your record, yet your trouble isn’t finished yet.

The sites that publicize your records over the web may still have an obsolete variant of your file, and they may show faulty data to employers or landlords and forestall future relationships.

Why choose to solve your problems partially, when all your troubles might be over with a single exchange?

Don’t you need each employment felony to be erased from your record and make certain that the correct data contacts the critical people in your life?

Pardon to remove a criminal record

It’s important to understand what a pardon is first. Whether you have committed a crime recently or something from your past, it shows up on a criminal database.

This can be obtained by potential employers, landlords, and just about anyone else with a computer and a few dollars.

What a pardon does forgive the crime and any penalties associated with it. If you have been a law-abiding person since your sentencing, then you should get a pardon.

This will clear all offenses you have, including old ones, and you only need one pardon to get your criminal record cleared.

Now you can’t just apply and get a pardon right away. One you have to have documentation showing that you served your time, and have been a law-abiding person since then.

Understand the Waiting Period

There’s a waiting period before you can apply for a pardon, usually anywhere from 3-5 years from the date you completed the conditions of your sentencing.

This includes paying off any restitution, fines, or other penalties, as well as you probation or parole requirements.

If you committed a crime but were not convicted, it will still show up in your criminal records, but are not eligible for a pardon. You will need to apply to have your record purged instead.

Even if you don’t think you are qualified, you should still try to get a pardon. It takes a while to collect all the documentation.

Since you may have to wait a period anyway, you should act as quickly as possible, so that everything is ready when you are eligible, instead of having to wait even longer.

Getting a Pardon

There are many different advantages of getting a Canadian Pardon. With the high unemployment rates across Canada and the US, a pardon can help you get that job you always wanted.

If you are looking for an apartment, whether to rent or to own, having a clean record is beneficial.

When you want to travel, outside the country, you won’t have as many problems getting a passport or Visa, and you can go where you want too when you want too.

There are some things that you need to know about getting a Canadian Pardon. They are not free, and the application service costs on the average around $429.

There are also other fees, depending on the company you use and there are just some things that are going to cost extra no matter which service you use.

You will need to be fingerprinted, and this fee can be anywhere from $25-$50. Then there are local police checks for any cities you may have lived in, court document fees, as well as some others.

While this cost may seem high, they are worth it if you truly want to get out from under any criminal records you have and to become free again to pursue your legal interests.

You can take charge of your own life, and get rid of those old criminal records that are preventing you from being able to do the things you want to do.

Many different services can help you get the Canadian Pardon you deserve, but you need to do some researching into the right one.


Make sure that when you are looking online, they are an accredited business through the Better Business Bureau, and have been helping people for many years.

Make sure they provide free consultations, and if you can’t afford the $429 right away, that they have convenient payment plan options.

You should also be on the lookout for one hundred percent money back guarantees as well.