Jobs for Felons in Columbus Ohio

jobs for felons

There are so many job opportunities for felons in Columbus Ohio. In fact, the incentives are good but you must be honest with your records. There’s nothing to worry about.

Verizon, for example, has several job openings for those with criminal records. Verizon is a global industry offering best jobs with best incentives to each and every employee.

They have offered different jobs in Ohio as well. Below are the different types of jobs and responsibilities mentioned by the company?

Retail Sales Representative

  • Listening to the requirements of the customers carefully and provide them with the most accurate solutions
  • Developing interests of the customers in the new launched products and letting them know how the products can make their lives better, so that they get interested in using them
  • Teaching the customers about the new products they have purchased so they can get best of their products
  • Earn the loyalty and trust of the customer so that they may rely on the company and products anytime they want
  • Using skills and passion for the newest technology so new sales may get generated

Sales Consultant Full time

  • Achieving the sales goals set by the store manager and working on the monthly commission plan
  • Providing excellent service to the customers by representing the stores with positive environments
  • Keeping yourself up to date with the new launched products of the company, their promotions and products and keeping yourself up to date with programs
  • Inspiring customer to buy the product for betterment
  • Processing payments for the customers and preparing sales contracts
  • Entertaining queries of the customers and satisfying their concerns
  • Providing all the positive advices to the customers about the company products and services
  • Guiding customers about taking care of the products and merchandise
  • Maintaining inventory control sales control
  • Assisting in store presentation and display of merchandise
  • Handling the returns professionally
  • Following the policies created by the company

District Sales Manager

  • Planning and coordinating operation to achieve sales goals
  • Managing the best team daily to achieve the objectives and goals of the company
  • Coaching the employees to give their best results
  • Addressing the concerns of the team and providing them better directions
  • Following all the company standards while completing the business operations
  • Ensuring the service provided to the customer is of highest quality and entertaining their issues
  • Monitoring the team members, evaluating them and guiding them for their improvement
  • Building strong relationship for the team members and communicating effectively with them
  • Identifying the challenges faced by the business and creating better plan to overcome them
  • Creating new plans for business growth and generating better revenue
  • Creating positive environment for the team members for their working and learning
  • Preparing budgets, controlling the expenses and identifying the revenue opportunities
  • Assisting in the procedure of recruiting, promoting, retaining, and terminating employee
  • Keeping sure the employees are following all the company policies and procedures
  • Ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of the locations that fall into the district
  • Understanding the upholding the policies of the company, providing the accountability and guiding the issues regarding the policies

Senior Client Sales Executive

  • Development of existing business and creating high level of relationships with the clients
  • Understanding the demands of the client and tailoring them with best solutions with the help of consultative selling
  • Give positive responses to the RFPs, making suitable contracts for business
  • Collaborating With the help of implementation dealing with the internal and external partners
  • Streamlining the processes, and managing and forecasting sales activities effectively
  • Managing the expectations of the clients
  • Following up the competition and checking the best ways to trigger company revenues

Business Customer Sales Representative

  • Growth of the business in the existing accounts
  • Listening to the customer needs, asking questions and identifying them
  • Tailoring the best solutions to the needs of the customers
  • Helping the customers to understand our solutions provided are the best help

Cloud Systems Operation engineer

  • Participating in the call rotations of 7 day that are provided to the cloud tenants after hours
  • To the cloud platform providing advanced support, taking the responsibility of the OpenStack environment, storage back end and infrastructure network underlying
  • Effectively communicating with the cloud tenants and occasionally with the external customers
  • Trouble shooting the productivity and failure impacting events
  • Integration of the tenants to the OpenStack platform
  • Upgrading, updating and processing both software and hardware resources
  • By using agile software’s and tools such as Puppet, BASH, Ansible and Python Scripting automating the repetitive tasks

Senior Solutions Architect

  • Identifying the technical objections of the client and developing a strategy to resolve all the technical blockers
  • Identifying and qualifying all the business opportunities
  • Owning the technical relation between the company and the customer, including solution briefings and managing products, coordinating additional technical resources, obtaining the requirements of the client and translating them into a solution design or a company’s offer
  • Leading the solution designs and definitions to the Verizon enterprise and the client
  • Working with the potential clients, analyzing the IT infrastructure for opportunities and demonstrating company’s unique capabilities
  • Articulating the company’s vision on the technologies and providing solutions to the clients, and positioning the company as the leader of key technology developments
  • Developing the skill set of the individual and expanding product knowledge for maximizing the value and delivering best services to the clients
  • Attain the certification requirement of designation
  • Attend the training of product specifics
  • Obtaining on job experience
  • Review of technical literature
  • Travelling to different cities for visiting client sites, attending conferences and any other events if required

Senior Manager Data Centre

  • Processing Administration and Support, managing he physical assets
  • Auditing support and compliance
  • Request and process workflow management
  • Managing the finance
  • Reporting and managing Data centre capacity
  • Managing programs for data centre operations
  • Supporting internal websites and tools
  • Managing media

Senior SRE Architect

  • Architecting new frameworks for establishing SRE models
  • For preventing of problem recurrence developing new processes
  • Actuate response for all non exceptional condition of service
  • Enhancing SLO trending and centralizing reporting
  • Identifying opportunities for betterment of engineering and architecture practices
  • Mentoring the staff for replacement of manual process with automatic
  • Coaching teams for enhancing incident response handling
  • Collaborating and driving SRE model to all levels of organization

Cloud Architect

  • Communicating the architectural concepts and guidelines
  • Aligning the team with initial designs and overseeing them
  • Managing tools by upgrading and maintaining them
  • Automation establishment
  • Integration of CM tools with development technology
  • Owning the design, managing the internal search backed with IBM
  • With the help of API layer between tools building, upgrading and maintaining the performance
  • Documenting and creating playbooks for support actions of administration
  • Collaborating with external teams in the company for solving complex problems

Wireless Sales Representative

  • Exceeding and meeting sales goals
  • Selling wireless products
  • Engaging the customers into discussion and recommending them wireless services of the company
  • Following up the customers with the help of phone calls and greeting cards
  • Building relationship with potential customers
  • Developing sales opportunities
  • Handling of customer service issues
  • Creating flexible work schedule and remaining into it
  • Assisting in assigned tasks

Verizon responsibilities for the jobs are very clear in every ad of job recruitments they set. Thus it is quite easy for the applicants to know clearly what they are being hired for.